Our House

It's advantages

Space and light
The house, completely refurbished in 2014, is spacious, bright and tastefully decorated.During your stay you can enjoy the large common room on the ground floor to read a book, work or relax: a living room with fireplace and TV, a large dining table which can also accommodate your board games, a bow-window open onto the garden, a cozy little corner for reading or chatting ...The large south facing terrace and well planted garden await you for a sunbath or greenery...
A beautiful sauna in Nordic pine is also available on the first floor. classic or infrared sauna for 2 to 3 people. For convenience, plan to ask the lighting of the sauna an hour before your workout.
The breakfasts made from fresh local produce in season, are served in the dining-room or on the terrace. Are you salted... or sweet? Hog or bird? Fruit or milk? Communicate your wishes the day before and Martine and Pierre-Louis will try to satisfy your appetite and your desires! Possibility of picnic basket for lunch. Bar and drinks (fee) available. Personalized welcome on request (champagne etc.)
Possibility to park your car, bike or motorcycle inside the enclosure. For bikers, hose and Karcher available! WIFI throughout the house. Small pets allowed.
The house is a haven of peace and greenery located yet within walking distance of the center of Vielsalm, restaurants and shops, the Sunparks, the lake, the departure of many walks. Train.

It's history

Once upon a time...A house between terroir and travel, between tradition and future...
'Les Tilleuls' !Originally, there were three of them to offer generous shade in the beautiful garden of the house.The time and strength of the elements were right in two of them.One remains. Majestic. Ranked remarkable tree of Wallonia. Only he can tell you all the secrets of the successive households it sheltered.
Let yourself be lulled by THE Linden, symbol of hospitality, love, femininity and tenderness.As an herbal tea with beneficial properties, enjoy your stay, relax!
A home rooted in history!The Offergeld were the first occupants of this beautiful home. The little Jean-Pierre, 13 years old in '44 recounts the terrifying days past hidden in the basement with his family ... the house was in turn the headquarters of the Germans and the Allies ... The stigma of violence of this infamous attack are still visible on the facade of the house.
Jean-Pierre today 85 years old lives with his wife 500m from his birthplace. He recounted this episode in the bloody "Battle of the Bulge" in his diary. You will discover his story during your stay at Les Tilleuls. Jean-Pierre is also available, if you wish, to spend time with you to discuss these historic moments...

A house which is spread to other lands!From Africa to India...
In 1959, Mr and Mrs Jadot return from the Belgian Congo with their 7 children. In search of spacious accommodation, they buy the house to Offergeld. The house then resounds the laughter and games of the Jadot siblings. It is the home of hospitality ... she generously welcomes all stepchildren and many grandchildren ... it hosts young couples before their flight...
After the death of the parents, the property passed to a son. René-Marie, said Ririe, lived over 10 years in Pondicherry in southern India. He finally returned in 1985 with his 3 adoptive sons and moved to Les Tilleuls ... some memories of India still hang out in the lobby. At Ririe's death, his childhood friend, François Meurice, bought the property with his wife.
A house between homeland and cravings globetrotter!Ardennes and citizens of the world...
François is a native of the area, but he and his family are great travelers. With his wife Dominique, they worked in Africa from 1982 to 1990. Their three children were born on African soil: Maxime in Ouagadougou, Elodie in N’Djamena and Caroline in Kinshasa ... After another 3-year stay in the United States, the Meurice family settled permanently in the region of Namur in 1996. Their curiosity of the world still regularly takes them to the 4 corners of the planet...
In 2011 they bought Les Tilleuls into a guest house. The renovation project will last almost 3 years. Caroline, youngest of the family, made it her home and started the Guest House. Bachelor in Tourism, she made her professional project. Today it is Martine and Pierre Louis Lemercier, old time family friends from the African period, have replaced Caroline and continue the adventure!
We are pleased and proud to offer this beautiful home today to stay fully we wish you happy.Family Meurice
Welcome to the Les Tilleuls! We’ll see you here and will make every effort to make your stay enjoyable!Martine et Pierre-Louis